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MediaMVP Media Center
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MediaMVP Media Center

The MediaMVP Media Center (mvpmc) is an audio/video player for
the Hauppauge MediaMVP.


The mvpmc distribution as a whole is licensed under the GNU General
Purpose License (GPL) version 2 (see the COPYING file).  Each of
the libraries, however, are licensed under their own individual
license (either the GPL or the Lesser GNU General Purpose License (LGPL)).
Please refer to the COPYING files under the libs directory.


In order to build mvpmc, you will need to make sure you have the
following installed on your system:

	- scons (

If you do not currently have the cross-compilers installed on your
system, they will be built as needed.

Source Repository

You can check the source code out with git from the following URL:


To build a new dongle.bin.mvpmc file, which you can boot on your
MediaMVP via DHCP, use the following command:

	$ make mvp

To build a new mvpmc binary which you can run on your host system,
use the following command:

	$ make host

To build a new linux kernel, use the following command:

	$ make kernel

To build a linux 2.4.31, use the following command:

	$ make kernel_31

To build source code HTML or PDF documentation with doxygen, use the
following command:

	$ make docs

To build a cscope database, use the following command:

	$ make cscope

Getting Help

You can get help from the following:

	mvpmc project site:

	mvpmc project mailing lists:

	mvpmc project forums:
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