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GPhoto2 Java Bindings

Java bindings for Linux gphoto/gphoto2 library (see for details).


See the file for example on usage. Simple usage:

System.out.println("GPhoto version: " + getLibraryVersion());
final CameraList cl = new CameraList();
System.out.println("Cameras: " + cl);
final Camera c = new Camera();
final CameraFile cf2 = c.captureImage(); File("captured.jpg").getAbsolutePath());

Note that the library is required to be present on the classpath (1.4 and prior versions tested with JNA 3.0.9, 1.5 tested with JNA 4.2.2).


Please find all downloadable artefacts here:

Usage with Maven 2/3

Add the maven 2 repo to your maven installation - edit ~/.m2/settings.xml so that it will look like the following:


Then add the following to your dependencies:


Reporting Bugs

If your camera is not working as expected, please try it out with gphoto2 (gphoto2 --capture-image) before reporting bugs for this project. gphoto2-related bugs will be closed as invalid.