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A ROS setup to drive the Sawppy rover.
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A ROS Package Collection for Sawppy the Rover


This collection is heavily influenced by the ROS_Adruino_Bridge packages and by the original SGVHAK_Rover sources for all the calculations.

ROS Setup

This directory is supposed to be called mw in your catkin source directory. I keep different trees which all live in mw but have otherwisde nothing in common. That's the reason for the more descriptive repository name.

So far, it's just Python code, so it should build cleanly with catkin_make.

There are launch files in here, which work for my setup. Take them with a grain of salt;-)

I'm currently running the of Kinetic on an Up-Board, but I don't believe, there should be many problems with any newer ROS-1 version. No idea about ROS-2:-(

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