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Coho is a script that automates the release process for building PhoneGap releases. Future releases will hopefully be able to build official Cordova releases.


  • Must be run on a Mac with Lion installed
  • Have node installed (v 6.6+)
  • Must have git setup
  • Install joDoc
    • Have perl 5.8+

    • Clone joDoc

        git clone
    • Add joDoc/ to your path

      Open ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile (or whatever you use)

        export PATH=$PATH:~/path/to/joDoc/
    • Install markdown

        # Use your package manager
        brew install markdown
        port install markdown
        aptitude install markdown
    • Install nokogiri (Ruby HTML parser)

        gem install nokogiri
    • Install json (Ruby JSON parser)

        gem install json
  • Install android
  • Install gpg


coho 1.4.0
// creates

coho 1.4.0 1.3.0
// creates with the changes made since 1.3.0

// runs coho 1.4.0 1.3.0 and the unit tests

Manual Process

  1. create directory structure
  2. download repositories
  3. run build scripts
  4. copy necessary files into release folder
  5. generate changelog
  6. zip release folder


  • Pull tagged version of cordova-ios
  • Check if version file is up to date
  • CD into cordova-ios and run make on a Lion machine
  • Copy DMG file from dist folder into iOS release folder


  • Pull tagged version of cordova-android
  • Check if version file is up to date
  • CD into directory and run create command
  • CD into example/libs, copy phonegap-1.3.0.jar into android release folder
  • CD into example/assets/www/, copy phonegap-1.3.0.js into android release folder
  • CD into example/res, copy xml folder into android release folder
  • Make sure index.html in example/assets/www is correctly referencing phonegap-1.3.0.js
  • Copy example folder into android release folder


  • Pull tagged version of cordova-blackberry
  • Check if version file is up to date
  • CD into cordova-blackberry and run ant dist
  • Copy contents of dist directory to blackberry release folder

Windows Phone

  • Pull tagged version of cordova-windows-phone
  • Copy contents of cordova-windows-phone into windows phone release directory


  • Pull tagged version of cordova-bada
  • Check if version file is up to date
  • Copy contents of cordova-bada to bada release folder


  • Pull tagged version of cordova-webos
  • Check if version file is up to date
  • Copy contents of cordova-web0s to webOS release folder

Symbian (Has been deprecated)

  • Pull tagged version of cordova-symbian
  • Check if version file is up to date
  • Copy contents of cordova-symbian to symbian release folder


  • Pull tagged version of cordova-docs
  • CD phonegap-docs and run command ./bin/phonegap-docs
  • Copy contents of Public folder into docs release folder


Please file all issues at