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This document will explain the plans in the near/intermediate and long term regarding MWC development. Given the successful launch of the Mainnet on 11/11 and the fact that the airdrop is going well and scheduled to be completed on January 2nd, 2020 we need to start talking about the roadmap for MWC. We will split this document into near, medium, and long term plans.

Near term

  • Continued support of claims process - in process
  • HODL Program details - Q1 target
  • MWC QT Wallet cold storage - Q1 target (released)
  • HODL Program implementation - Q2 target

Medium term

  • Grin rebase
  • Atomic Swaps

Long term (some or all need to prioritize)

  • Decentralized exchange
  • Mobile wallet
  • Continued grin rebases
  • Multisig
  • Lightning network
  • Improved privacy with coin shuffle.
  • Hardware wallets (requires hardware manufacturer support)

These are some of the directions we could go. Depending on market needs, we may pick one or more of these to focus on.

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