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# Self-deploying *go* microservices for [AWS Lambda](
# Serverless *go* microservices for AWS

Sparta is a framework that transforms a standard *go* application into a self-deploying AWS Lambda powered service. All configuration and infrastructure requirements are expressed as go types - no JSON or YAML needed!

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title: Example Service
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One of the most powerful ways to use AWS Lambda is to make function publicly available over HTTPS. This is accomplished by connecting the AWS Lambda function with the [API Gateway]( In this section we'll start with a simple "echo" example and move on to a lambda function that accepts user parameters and returns an expiring S3 URL.

* [Example 1 - Echo Event](/reference/apigateway/echo_event)
* [Example 2 - User Input & JSON Response](/reference/apigateway/user_input)
* [Example 3 - Request Context](/reference/apigateway/context)
* [Example 4 - Slack SlashCommand](/reference/apigateway/slack)
* [Example 5 - CORS](/reference/apigateway/cors)
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## Concepts

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See a the [echo example](/reference/apigateway/echo_event) for a complete version.

## API Gateway Request Types
## Request Types

AWS Lambda supports multiple [function signatures]( Some supported signatures include structured types, which are JSON un/marshalable structs that are automatically managed.

To simplify handling API Gateway requests, Sparta exposes the [APIGatewayEnvelope]( type. This type provides an embeddable struct type whose fields and JSON serialization match up with the [Velocity Template]( that's applied to the incoming API Gateway request.

To use the `APIGatewayEnvelope` type with your own custom request body, create a set of types as in:
Embed the [APIGatewayEnvelope]( type in your own lambda's request type as in:

type FeedbackBody struct {
@@ -56,7 +52,7 @@ type FeedbackRequest struct {

Then reference your custom type in your lambda function as in:
Then accept your custom type in your lambda function as in:

func myLambdaFunction(ctx context.Context, apiGatewayRequest FeedbackRequest) (map[string]string, error) {
@@ -65,7 +61,7 @@ func myLambdaFunction(ctx context.Context, apiGatewayRequest FeedbackRequest) (m

## API Gateway Response Types
## Response Types

The API Gateway [response mappings]( must make
assumptions about the shape of the Lambda response. The default _application/json_ mapping template is:
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