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Statamic plugin that adds a random flickr images block to your site. Uses JS for the api-calls, and image-injection; so even if you generate static HTML pages from your statamic site, it just works.

Tested with Statamic version v1.9.2


Clone or Copy the files to their destination

Clone this project on your system:

cd webfolder/_add-ons
git clone git:// flickr

Or download the project and add the contents of archive to the _add-ons/flickr folder.

Add the config file

Then copy the contents from the plugin _config/add-ons/flickr folder to the _config/add-ons/flickr folder from your statamic site.

The file _config/add-ons/flickr/flickr.yaml then contains:

# Flickr Random Images
# Get your API key here:
flickr_api_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
flickr_api_user: yyyyyyyyyy
flickr_api_user_name: mwesten
flickr_api_count: 9

Then fill the flickr_api_user by looking up your flickr_api_user_name on this page. Then enter your user page: and press the Find button. The returned id must be filled in the flickr_api_user field.

Now create an API key on and paste the generated private key as the flickr_api_key.

Add the flickr block to your template

Open the theme file (for example) _themes/acadia/partials/keep-in-touch.html Add the following code in the location you want the random flickr images displayed:

{{ flickr:sidebar }}

optionally you can add other parameters to the flickr:sidebar tag: {{ flickr:sidebar key="[flickr api key]" user="[flickr api user]" name="[flickr api user name]" count="[flickr api count]" }}


I've 'written' this plugin for my own use. It comes without any guarantee, so your mileage may vary in using it. If you find bugs or have great additions you'd like to share, use github to fork the project and share your improvements by initiating pull requests.


Statamic plugin that adds a random flickr images block to your site



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