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Flow fields implemented in Clojure with Quil. Demoed at Brickhack 6
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Brickhack 2020

I made this to explore functional programming as applied to generative art. I suspect it will be shortly abandoned, and I am certain that the code is of below average quality. However, here ya go!


My process for interactively building this app was running clojure -m figwheel.main -b dev from the main directory and editing the namespace specified in dev.cljs.edn. I make no guarantees about this code, it is presented as is to the world. If you would like to take it and do with it as you see fit, feel free to do so (though I advise against it).


In this regard the app was quite successful. Below are some screenshots:

Early Ddesign Ribbons with intersection Ribbons More early work Constrained angles Even ribbons Large step ribbons Short ribbons Misaligned ribbon baseline Closing lines Lower noise resolution Ribbons with intersection Spraypaint Interpolation

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