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#lang overscan
(require (only-in ffi/unsafe/introspection
(prefix-in overscan: (only-in overscan
(define (purple)
(gobject-with-properties (element-factory%-make "alpha")
(hash 'method 3
'target-r 127
'target-g 15
'target-b 126)))
(define (orange)
(gobject-with-properties (element-factory%-make "alpha")
(hash 'method 3
'target-r 253
'target-g 164
'target-b 40)))
(define-values (logo-w logo-h)
(values 420 420))
(define-values (width height)
(video-resolution-ref '480p))
(define pipeline
(let* ([pl (pipeline%-new)]
[foreground (videomixer "foreground")]
[forea (orange)]
[background (videomixer "background")]
[logosrc (bin%-compose "logo"
(filesrc (build-path (current-directory) "racket-logo.svg.png"))
(element-factory%-make "pngdec")
(element-factory%-make "imagefreeze")
(element-factory%-make "videoconvert")
(element-factory%-make "videoscale"))]
[logotee (tee)]
[foreq (bin%-compose #f
(element-factory%-make "queue")
[backq (bin%-compose #f
(element-factory%-make "queue")
[forepattern (videotestsrc #:pattern 'smpte100)]
[backpattern (videotestsrc #:pattern 'snow)]
[destination (videomixer "destination")]
[sink (bin%-compose #f
(element-factory%-make "videoconvert")
(capsfilter (video/x-raw width height))
(element-factory%-make "queue")
(gobject-with-properties (element-factory%-make "vtenc_h264" "encoder")
(hash 'bitrate 15000)) ; hi bitrate to deal with snow
(element-factory%-make "h264parse")
(element-factory%-make "mp4mux" "muxer")
(filesink (build-path (current-directory) "logo.mp4"))
;; (element-factory%-make "pngenc" "encoder")
;; (filesink (build-path (current-directory) "logo.png"))
(and (send pl add-many logosrc logotee)
(send pl add-many forepattern foreq foreground)
(send pl add-many backpattern backq background)
(send pl add-many forea destination sink)
(send logosrc link-filtered logotee (video/x-raw logo-w logo-h))
(send logotee link foreq)
(send logotee link backq)
(send forepattern link-filtered foreground (video/x-raw logo-w logo-h))
(send foreq link foreground)
(send backpattern link-filtered background (video/x-raw width height))
(send backq link background)
(let ([pad (videomixer-ref background 1)])
(gobject-set! pad "xpos" (- (/ width 2) (/ logo-w 2)))
(gobject-set! pad "ypos" (- (/ height 2) (/ logo-h 2))))
(send background link destination)
(send foreground link forea)
(send forea link destination)
(let ([pad (videomixer-ref destination 1)])
(gobject-set! pad "xpos" (- (/ width 2) (/ logo-w 2)))
(gobject-set! pad "ypos" (- (/ height 2) (/ logo-h 2))))
(send destination link sink)
;;; This function is necessary because the imagefreeze element discards EOS events
;;; So we send EOS directly to the encoder
(define (end)
(let ([encoder (send pipeline get-by-name "encoder")])
(send encoder send-event (make-eos-event))))
(define (stop)
(and (end)
(define (record seconds)
(start pipeline)
(sleep seconds)
(module+ main
;; Call with racket -W 'info@Overscan' for logging to stderr
(record 10))
;; gst-launch-1.0 videomixer name=final ! videoconvert ! video/x-raw,width=640,height=640 ! osxvideosink sync=false \
;; filesrc location=racket-logo.svg.png ! pngdec ! imagefreeze ! videoconvert ! tee name=logo \
;; videomixer name=background ! final. \
;; videomixer name=foreground ! alpha method=custom target-r=253 target-g=164 target-b=40 ! final. \
;; videotestsrc pattern=snow ! video/x-raw,width=640,height=640 ! background. \
;; logo. ! queue ! alpha method=custom target-r=253 target-g=164 target-b=40 ! background. \
;; videotestsrc pattern=smpte100 ! video/x-raw,width=640,height=640 ! foreground. \
;; logo. ! queue ! alpha method=custom target-r=127 target-g=15 target-b=126 ! foreground.