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A Ruby library that makes consuming RESTful web services simple. It's a DSL, which means you're supposed to use it to help you write other libraries.

Build status on Travis CI

Weary's current version is 1.1.1.

Weary on

Weary on

Weary on Travis CI

Look for more blog posts and writing on Weary, here:


gem install weary

You might need to use sudo depending on your Ruby installation.

Build from source

Download the source from GitHub. Make sure you have bundler on your $PATH. Run bundle install. Hooray you did it.

Run bundle exec rake to run the specs.


In order to best understand how Weary works, and how it integrates with Rack, it helps to start at the most granular level of Weary and work up to its more useful abstractions.

The Client class represents the Weary DSL, but all of these classes are useful in their own right. The lower level classes (Request/Response) might be enough if you don't need the full power of Weary::Client.


Weary v1.0.0 Basics covers the basics of the API and integration with Rack.

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