a python script to help show DC bikeshare status on a map
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bikeshare_getbikedata.py is the part of the script that just grabs the station IDs and availabe bikes from the bikeshrae site and turns it into a dictionary.  It is the first block of the program.

bikeshare_getwmata.py is the part of the script that just grabs the metro statio status. It is the section block of the program.  THIS IS AN OLD SCRIPT - BETTER TO USE WMATA_PULL.PY

bikeshare_respondtodata.py adds a conditional response based on the data, and also allows you to pick which stations you want to focus on.

bikeshare.py is the most mature functional version of the program. It is designed to stand alone.  The other scripts are just stand alone portions of the program that I built to figure out how they work.  I'm leaving them here because when I was learning how to do this I wished these sorts of functional program fragments were out there for me.

wmata_pull.py - downloads the json version of U st. data and prints line/destination/time for first train

wmata_parse.py - is the running version of the WMATA scraper

h.py - sets neopixel connected to arduino based on H parameter

l.py - sets neopizel connected to arduino based on L parameter

arduino-two-light - makes arduino respond to "H" or "L" serial command

light-true.py - you can pick the light display at the prompt.  However, there is no way to change it once it has been picked.  Question asked here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/38422701/interrupt-while-loop-with-user-input-controlling-neopixels-via-arduino-and-pyth

neopixeltestlayout.fzz is the fritzing diagram of the 2 neopixel/arduino test setup

bikeshare_serial.py send the bikeshare stations to the arduino via serial command

bikeshare_serial_responder is the arduino program that receives the command, parses it, and lights up neopixels accordingly

wmata_serial.py sends the wmata information to the arduino via serial communication

wmata_serial_responder is the arduino program that recieves the command, parses it, and lights up the neopixes accordingly