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Hey, this is Mix Space 👋

Mix Space is a personal space, that can also be used as a personal blog, more comprehensive feature, and continuous update. Now, with the power of Crossbell and xLog, you can store your inspiration writing on the blockchain.

Live Preview

We have 2 core repositories.

  • core, a core service for Mix Space, provide RESTful API, cron, backup, serverless function, and other features.
  • mx-admin, a dashboard for Mix Space Server, concise style, and comprehensive function.

Now, we have 3 frontend styles.

  • kami, a mx-space's web frontend style. Cute and lovely. With mx-server fully supported.
  • mx-web-yun, ☁️ A fast & light & lovely theme for Mix Space. 一个对可爱自以为是的前端风格。
  • Shiro, a minimalist personal website embodying the purity of paper and freshness of snow.

We also have ecosystems.

The documentation is ready. Go.

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  1. core core Public

    😎 The next generation of RESTful API service and more feature for Mix Space, powered by @nestjs.

    TypeScript 258 83

  2. mx-admin mx-admin Public

    😇 The next generation of mx-space admin dashboard built with Vue 3 and TypeScript.

    Vue 150 43

  3. kami kami Public archive

    🍰 Kami is mx-space's web frontend theme. Colorful, flat, cute and comfortable.

    TypeScript 301 45

  4. docker docker Public archive

    A docker compose file to quick deploy mx-space system, that's cool

    Shell 38 10

  5. feature-log feature-log Public

    Devlog, Changelog

  6. docs docs Public

    📄 Documentation for Mix Space

    MDX 5 6


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