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Audioscrobbler.sketch Add Sketch file for vector image sources.
Audioscrobbler.xcodeproj Depend on 10.9, x86_64.
English.lproj Lyrics menu item opens
Growl.framework Audioscrobbler Protocol 2.0 implemented Add HiDPI icons.
Sparkle.framework Update via Sparkle and methylblue.pem
.gitignore Put API key in a separate file and use in widget.
Audioscrobbler.icns Add HiDPI icons.
AutoDash.h A preference to automatically show the Dashboard after user inactivity
AutoDash.m Fix deprecations and warnings.
Credits.html Credits: improve HTML, styling.
HighResolutionTimer.h High-resolution scrobble timer
HighResolutionTimer.m High-resolution scrobble timer
ITunesListener.h Use delegates and thus be more beautiful
ITunesListener.m Fix deprecations and warnings.
Info.plist Info.plist: version 0.9.15.
MainController.h Lyrics menu item opens
MainController.m Use template NSImages for the NSStatusItem
NSDictionary+Track.h Lyrics menu item opens
NSDictionary+Track.m Lyrics menu item opens Put API key in a separate file and use in widget.
ShareWindow.xib Make the share button work
ShareWindowController.h Explicit scrobbling errors
ShareWindowController.m Explicit scrobbling errors
iTunes.h New Growl notifications, and hooked them up
icon.png icon*.png: remove drop shadows.
icon@2x.png icon*.png: remove drop shadows.
icon_green.png icon*.png: remove drop shadows.
icon_green@2x.png icon*.png: remove drop shadows.
icon_inverted.png icon*.png: remove drop shadows.
icon_inverted@2x.png icon*.png: remove drop shadows.
icon_red.png icon*.png: remove drop shadows.
icon_red@2x.png icon*.png: remove drop shadows.
lastfm.h Don't claim loved if it fails
lastfm.m Don't escape multibyte UTF characters.
main.m Audioscrobbler Protocol 2.0 implemented
methylblue.pem Update via Sparkle and methylblue.pem
pc.h Use delegates and thus be more beautiful


A minimal OS X iTunes scrobbling solution that implements Audioscrobbler protocol 2.0.

To compile it you'll need to create lastfm_api.h and add a key and secret like so:

  #define LASTFM_API_KEY       "abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789"
  #define LASTFM_SHARED_SECRET "abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789"
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