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This modification to OpenSSH 5.9p1 adds some color to Cisco CLI.

I don't know about you, but I spend way too much time in Cisco's CLI. I looked around 
for a way to add color to Cisco's outputs, but was unable to find anything.

I finally came up with a patch for OpenSSH's ssh client (the "ssh" command in *nix/BSD/OSX/etc)

The patch causes ssh to filter all incoming data and when it matches certain 
rules (defined with regex) apply color.

So far I haven't created many "rules". If someone wants to help me do so that would 
be awesome! Right now it highlights the hostname/config prompts, interface status 
(up/down/admin down), some interface config commands, and some other stuff. There's 
potential to do so much though :)

The rules are specified in cisco_color.c. If you make any changes you need to recompile.

While I've been using the ssh client for a while with cisco devices without issues, I obviously take no responsibility for any issues you encounter!

Limitations/Known Issues:
 - Matching is done per packet. If the data to be matched spans more then one packet 
then it won't match. This is most noticable if you ssh to a serial console server, as
the serial output is slow enough to cause SSH to send a packet per character, so nothing 
ever matches

 - Do not use the modified versions of the other programs in this package (scp, etc) You
will likely encounter corrupted data.

- Thomas St.Pierre
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