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NetBeans Git Module


Official Oracle-developed Plugin

Oracle have now begun development of an official NetBeans Git plugin. You can follow the development of this plugin on the NetBeans wiki:

You can also subscribe to the mailing list for more detailed discussion of the plugin's development:

Code for the plugin has already landed in the NetBeans "silver" repository. Unfortunately, NetBeans and official plugins are not developed with Git, but with Mercurial (hg). To clone the repository:

hg clone

Please note: the repository is large and cloning can take a considerable amount of time.


A versioning plugin for working with Git repositories in Netbeans. Presently, it supports the basic tasks of status, diff, commit, and log viewing. Future versions will increase functionality to provide a full set of 'porcelain' commands.

It uses the JGit library for accessing repositories. To ease installation a JGit jar is distributed with the project source in release/modules/ext/.

More information and documentation are available in the form of JavaHelp files which can be found under:

  • javahelp/org/nbgit/docs/

They will also be accessible via the Help menu when the plugin has been installed.

To download the latest version, check the current status of development, or report an issue visit the project page at:


This module is still under development and thus may randomly crash, eat all your memory, etc. So consider yourself warned! Before installing or upgrading make sure you read the release notes and list of known issues. They can be found in:

  • javahelp/org/nbgit/docs/news.html
  • javahelp/org/nbgit/docs/issues.html

To install from source you need to install the "NetBeans Plugin Development" plugin from the plugins menu. Afterwards clone the repository and use File > Open Project to add it to your project list in Netbeans. Then right click on the new project and select "Install/Reload in Development IDE". You are advised to first test the plugin by "running" the project.

Getting the Source

Performing a git clone on either of the following repositories will get you the latest source:

git clone git://
git clone git:// (on gitorious)

The following additional mirrors are available:


Licensing and Copyright

This code is dual-licensed under the COMMON DEVELOPMENT AND DISTRIBUTION LICENSE (CDDL) Version 1.0 and the GNU Public License (GPL) v2. Please see LICENSE for licensing and copyright information.