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Automate the control over the visitors of your MyBB site

Implemented Features

  • Track the location of your visitor and get various informations like: Country, City, Region, District, Timezone, Zipcode, Latitude-Longitude, Service Provider and many more.
  • Identify and restrict usage of disposable email ids during user registration.
  • Automatically block the IP addresses of the visitors using proxy.
  • Whitelist IP addresses to skip being banned.
  • Automatically unapprove threads / posts for users under certain groups having lower than defined post count and tries to spam (using defined string or foreign url link).
  • Automatically unapprove threads / posts like above, but if user tries to spam by late editing post bypassing above.
  • Whitelist user IDs whose threads / posts will not be unapproved by the above process.
  • Detect spiders visiting your site which are not already registered and showing as guests.
  • Automatically add detected spiders to database so that they can show up in Who's online list as spiders with their name.
  • Get notified about the detected spiders with a different User Agent string for further manual actions.
  • Get notified about the automatic actions taken by iPatrol over email, PM, System log.

Planned features so far

  • Add an extra layer of security by using a honeypot for each form submission to attempt catching automation. The trapped bots can be further IP banned as well.
  • Restrict / IP ban duplicate registration attempts.
  • Restrict access for the visitors based on various geolocation conditions.
  • Ability to see all actions performed by iPatrol right inside Moderator Control Panel.

External Dependency: