Log all AWS WAF Matched Rules to S3 and/or Loggly using Serverless
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AWS WAF Logger

The AWS WAF is an amazing feature however actually getting meaningful logs out of it can be a pain. Since putting it in-place we have been wanting to analyse the traffic patterns and which rules are getting hit. However, at this time AWS does not provide such a log stream.

To remedy this we have created this small scheduled Lambda which queries the AWS SDK GetSampledRequests action to fetch any matches and store them in S3 and/or Loggly. This allows us to look at current and historical data about the WAF's actions.


You must first specify your desired configuration within env.yml, using env.yml.example as a template. This service uses Serverless to manage provisioning the Lambda, so with this present on your machine you can simply execute:

$ serverless deploy -v

Depending on if you have configured to output the logs to S3 and/or Loggly you will now begin to see any resulting output based on your check frequency.

Note: GetSampledRequests only returns a 'sample' (max 500) among the first 5,000 request that your resource receives during the specified time range. As such the check frequency may need to be adjusted according to your throughput.