[Unmaintained] Confirm dialogs for buttons and links using jQuery and Bootstrap
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Confirm dialogs for buttons and links.

This library is not maintained. Looking for a maintainer, please open an issue

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If you use Bootstrap 2, you can use any 1.x version. From 2.0 and onwards, Bootstrap 3 is required.


The library can be downloaded manually or installed with Bower:

$ bower install jquery-confirm

Or npm:

$ npm install myclabs.jquery.confirm


<a href="home" class="confirm">Go to home</a>

Any click on the link will pop up a dialog asking the user to confirm the action.


List of the options:

  • text: Text to display in the dialog
  • title: Title of the dialog (can be empty, the dialog will not have a header then)
  • confirm: Handler executed when the user confirms
  • cancel: Handler executed when the user cancels
  • confirmButton: Label of the confirm button
  • cancelButton: Label of the cancel button, if set to false no button at all.
  • post: If false (default) and no confirm handler is set, redirects the user to the URL of the button/link with a GET request. If true, redirects with a POST request (like a form submission).
  • submitForm: If false (default) it has no effect. If true, it submit the form target element.
  • confirmButtonClass: HTML class for the confirmation button, defaults to btn-primary.
  • cancelButtonClass: HTML class for the cancel button, defaults to btn-default.
  • dialogClass: HTML class for the dialog, defaults to modal-dialog.
  • modalOptionsBackdrop: Backdrop option for modal.
  • modalOptionsKeyboard: Keyboard option for bootsrap modal.


<button class="confirm" type="button">Delete the comment</button>
    text: "Are you sure you want to delete that comment?",
    title: "Confirmation required",
    confirm: function(button) {
    cancel: function(button) {
        // nothing to do
    confirmButton: "Yes I am",
    cancelButton: "No",
    post: true,
    confirmButtonClass: "btn-danger",
    cancelButtonClass: "btn-default",
    dialogClass: "modal-dialog modal-lg" // Bootstrap classes for large modal

You can also use data- attributes to customize the confirmation dialog:

<button class="confirm" type="button"
        data-text="Do you really want to delete that comment?"
        data-confirm-button="Yes I am"
        data-cancel-button="Whoops no">
    Delete the user

Manual triggering

You can manually trigger the confirmation dialog:

// Will immediately show the confirmation popup
    text: "Are you sure you want to delete that comment?",
    confirm: function() {
    cancel: function() {
        // nothing to do

Remember that if you trigger the confirmation dialog manually, you must provide a confirm callback (as shown above).

Global configuration

You can configure some options globally, for example if you translate the messages:

$.confirm.options = {
    text: "Are you sure?",
    title: "",
    confirmButton: "Yes",
    cancelButton: "Cancel",
    post: false,
    submitForm: false,
    confirmButtonClass: "btn-warning",
    cancelButtonClass: "btn-default",
    dialogClass: "modal-dialog"


Pull requests and bug reports are welcome! Be aware that you do not need to generate the minified version yourself, it will be generated by a release manager (for security reasons).

Change log

View the changelog.


This software is released under the MIT license.