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The Graphical User Interface used by the Mycroft Mark II and more
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Mycroft GUI

- NOTE:  This is pre-Alpha and likely to break at any time!

The KDE-based visual interface for working with Mycroft. For more on the Mycroft Skill side, see the initial Mycroft Core GUI PR.

Getting Started

Foolproof Setup Instructions(tm)

  1. Download and Install VirtualBox
  2. Download an ISO from KDE Neon Developer Edition, Git Unstable. Any build >= 2057.
  3. Open VirtualBox and create a Neon installation TODO: More detailed installations?
  4. Within the VM, open a terminal session and type:
    • cd ~
    • sudo apt-get install git -y
    • git clone
    • cd mycroft-gui
    • bash
  5. (Optional) Customize Plasma settings for GUI debugging purposes
    • Disable screensaver
      • Click the > icon, type: Screen Locking
      • Untick "Lock screen automatically after:"
      • Click OK
  6. Run and configure
    • mycroft-gui-app
    • Click on the hamburger menu in the lower left
    • Select 'Settings'
    • Enter the IP address of your device. If your device is at, enter 'ws://'
    • Close

Normal use

  1. Invoke using mycroft-gui-app
  2. Click Start button in the middle of the window Note: Boot your device or run ./ all && ./ enclosure prior to doing this.
  3. Talk to your Mycroft!

After any code changes (if you are developing) or git pull, simply rerun bash to rebuild.

QML synchronization

At this point, the paths to skill QML on the Mycroft must precisely match the path on the mycroft-gui-app host machine. The simplest way to achieve this is to run rsync. This simple script can perform this synchronization, hanldling synchronization with different devices (e.g. for a developer who does work both at home and at an office).

function is_online() {
    ping -q -w 1 -c 1 "$1" > /dev/null
    if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
        rsync -av pi@$1:/opt/mycroft/skills/ /opt/mycroft/skills/
        echo "Synched!"
        return 0
        return 1

# Attempt sync with office Mark 1
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
    # Attempt sync with house Mark 1


  • For a Mark 1, but sure to disable the firewall on the Raspberry Pi. You can do this via sudo ufw disable
  • Generally, the GUI interaction is managed by an enclosure-specific skill that orchestrates things. For example, the Mark 2 uses skill-mark-2.
  • Lightweight debugging can be done from Mycroft's CLI. You can see commands being sent to GUI clients by hitting Ctrl+G within the CLI
  • Multiple GUIs can safely run against a single Mycroft Core instance.

Debugging Tips

  • Debug output can be seen by running the mycroft-enclosure directly from inside an SSH session. On a Mark 1:
    • SSH to the Mark 1
    • sudo service mycroft-enclosure-client stop
    • sudo su mycroft
    • mycroft-enclosure-client This will start the client and show Debug() messages on the console.

Skill Testing

cd /opt/mycroft/skills
git clone -b newapi
cd #
cd mycroft-core
source .venv/bin/activate
cd /opt/mycroft/skills/skill-wikidata
pip install -r requirements.txt
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