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no. No. NO. You're looking for octohipster, the new cool REST API microframework.
This project is dead.
I reused some code (stuff like pagination) in octohipster.
I also reused ideas in RapidMachine for Python.

But this project's implementation mostly sucks.
I learned a lot though.
Making "extended Ring handlers" was an extremely stupid idea.
HTML and REST at the same time wasn't smart too.
Custom auth is not needed now that there's friend.
Dammit, it used a single iteration of SHA256. Use a proper password hashing function like bcrypt, everyone. Pluggable database adapters were kinda cool, but really not.
Just use a database library directly.
The mail library was great.
This escaping/transliteration/slugify code should not die.


[DEPRECATED] Fun, fast, secure web development on top of Clojure/Ring



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