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[DEPRECATED] Minimal zsh framework
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Sorry, I no longer maintain this project.
Copy from my zshrc instead :-)


jQuery did this for JS, we're doing it for zsh. A simpler zsh configuration framework. Follows the "Explicit is better than implicit" principle from the Zen of Python, so almost nothing gets loaded when you source the file.

What's wrong with Oh My Zsh?

Nothing. It's just a bit too complex for my taste.

What's inside?

  • Checks: functions is_mac, is_linux, is_freebsd, has_brew, has_apt, has_yum for your if statements
  • Some common defaults (eg. ^W removes until a / like in vim, bash and tcsh)
  • Plug&play support for Ubuntu's command-not-found, hub, RubyGems on Debian/Ubuntu, rvm, rbenv
  • Prompt setting aliases (for better readability) and "prompts" command which sets both left and right prompts
  • Neat stuff for your prompt: virtualenv info, smart prompt character (by Steve Losh. ± when you're in a Git repo, ☿ in a Mercurial repo, $ otherwise), rvm/rbenv ruby version
  • Aliases
  • Completion for a lot of stuff
  • Correction
  • Current directory in title support: add update_terminal_cwd to your chpwd(). In OS X Lion, this'll be draggable!

Functions & aliases

  • last_modified pretty self-explanatory
  • ex extract archives
  • mcd mkdir + cd
  • beep
  • pj pretty-print JSON
  • cj curl and pretty-print JSON
  • md5, sha1, sha256, sha512, rot13, rot47, urldecode, urlencode of a string
  • pinst install python package from current dir and remove build, dist and egg-info folders
  • s_http serve current folder via http
  • s_smtp launch an SMTP test server for development, on port 1025
  • lst ls tree-style
  • up find a file in parent dirs
  • path pretty-print $PATH (with colors! yay!)

For OS X only

  • vol get/set sound volume
  • locatemd search with Spotlight
  • ql open something in Quick Look
  • oo open current dir in Finder
  • cdf cd to the current path of the frontmost Finder window
  • mailapp creates a message in from the first arg as a string or stdin if there are no args (eg. you can pipe stuff into it)
  • evernote same with a note in
  • quit, relaunch OS X GUI apps
  • selected Finder items

Example zshrc

source $yourdotfiles/zshuery/
load_completion $yourdotfiles/zshuery/completion/src

prompts '%{$fg_bold[green]%}${PWD/#$HOME/~}%{$reset_color%}$(virtualenv_info) %{$fg[yellow]%}$(prompt_char)%{$reset_color%} ' '%{$fg[red]%}$(ruby_version)%{$reset_color%}'

if is_mac; then
    export EDITOR='mvim'
    export EDITOR='vim'

chpwd() {