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Minimalist Weather for the bottom_bar or thirds position of your MagicMirror
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Bugger My Weather

Same church, different pew

I wanted to take a new approach at a weather module. Until now, I had only done WWI and WWI2 but I wasn't really happy with those, although they were fun to do. This has a bit more style to it (not much) and it doesn't resemble other modules in format or appearance. I learned a couple of new things while doing it and I used what I learned in the module itself. Nothing monumental but very satisfying for me.

Good-bye bottom_bar or lower_thid

  • This was designed for use in the bottom_bar or lower_third position of your MagicMirror
  • My first real use of icons in a module, denoting the upcoming forecast
  • Weather forecast for day and night
  • Only the current weather is written out in words


  • lower_third position, under compliments

  • bottom_bar position

Installation and requirements

  • git clone into the ~/MagicMirror/modules directory.

  • Free API key at

  • No dependencies needed! No kidding!

Config.js entry and options

	disabled: false,
	module: "MMM-BMW",
	position: "bottom_bar",               // bottom_bar or lower_third is best
	config: {
		apiKey: "YOUR API KEY GOES HERE", // Free API key @
		tempUnits: "C",		              // C of F
        	stateOrCountry: 'NY',             // US states abbr. or other country codes
        	city: 'New_York',                 // City, eg. New_York (with underscore - no spaces)
		useHeader: false,                 // true if you want a header                 
		header: "Your header",
		maxWidth: "100%",

Country codes here (If you're not in the US)

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