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Rotating insults with a nice css transition.
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Not meant to compete with the default compliments module. It's more about the transition.

Piss off your wife or girlfriend or anyone you like (or dislike)

  1. Use her name (or his name) and count the seconds until you are single again!

  2. Use your own name for some self-deprecating humor.

Why would you use this module?

  • As a motivational tool.
  • You want a divorce.
  • Fuck with your friends.
  • I begged you. :^)

You'll have to install it to see the transition


Installation and requirements

  • git clone into the ~/MagicMirror/modules directory.

  • cd MMM-Insults and run npm install

Config.js entry and options

    disabled: false,
    module: "MMM-Insults",
    position: "middle_center",
    config: {
        static: "Mykle is ", // My wife is, My husband is, My girlfriend is, (You get the idea)
        newInsult: 60 * 1000, // Time until the next insult (in ms)


  • All modifications, additions, deletions to the insults are done in the "insults.json" file

  • Simply follow the existing format of the json file


@sdetweil for his patience and generosity and amusing commentary while finding my errors.

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