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Light Table Clojure Tutorial

A Clojure tutorial optimized for Light Table.

The Light Table ClojureScript Tutorial by David Nolen inspired this project and the overview.clj is a port of his tutorial.

I intend to add more tutorials to this repository with more detail.


Install Leiningen and Light Table.

There are two tutorials in the moment, but more will come.

If you are new to Clojure or need a refresh open overview.clj on Light Table and follow the intructions.

If you want to know more about numbers in Clojure, open numbers.clj on Light Table.

If you want to know more about conditionals in Clojure, open conditionals.clj on Light Table. I'm still working on it but it already has a lot of examples.

Learn more

  • Clojure Cheat Sheet: lots of functions sorted in categories. Do you want to know how to create, examine or "change" a list? It's there. A vector? A map? It's all there. It has links to examples in Clojure Docs.

  • Clojure Doc: One excelent source of guides is CDS (Clojure Doc). There you will find guides for essentials, core language, ecosystem and tutorials.

  • Clojure Docs: You may look down on Clojuredocs because it has only docs for Clojure 1.3.0. But you really shouldn't, since it's one of the best sources of examples of how to use Clojure. And in most cases, the docs haven't changed since 1.3.0.

  • Clojure Group: You can also use the group to get in touch with the comunity.

  • #clojure on freenode for IRC users. It's the best option for immediate help.


If you find some mistake, typo or want to contribute let me know or open an issue or pull request.


Copyright © 2014 Marcelo Nomoto

Distributed under the MIT License.