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Jehan autogen: simplify the whole automake version check.
I don't think we need this long version casing (I hope I am not just
getting rid of years of wisdom in a whim! ;p). Let's make it simple and
test whatever is the default version on the build system.

Well I could see this breaking if the default automake is older than the
minimum requirement, yet another acceptable version was installed. But
seeing how old is our requirement, I doubt it would happen (I hope!).
Latest commit 0d8c2c0 Oct 1, 2018

mypaint-brushes - MyPaint brushes

Brushes used by MyPaint and other software using libmypaint.

This data package is versionned. This are the brushes to be used by libmypaint 2.x, current development version which has no releases to the day of writing. If you want brushes for the libmypaint 1.x releases, do not install mypaint-brushes from master, but from "v1.3.x" branch (or last release tagged with a "v1.x" version).


mypaint-brushes package can be installed as a typical autotools build:

./configure --prefix=/some/prefix && make && make install

See also INSTALL file.

There are also historical scons scripts, but they work only with scons 2.x (and in particular not newer scons 3, based on Python 3):

scons prefix=/your/application/install/prefix # Normal build

scons -h # Show build options

Using the brushes with pkg-config

If your application needs libmypaint 2.x brushes, you can make the module "mypaint-brushes-2.0" a dependency with pkg-config.

For a C/C++ program, the CFlags generated by pkg-config will define the macro MYPAINT_BRUSHES_DIR, usable in your code in order to get the path for all mypaint default brushes.

For programs in other languages, you can use the variable brushesdir to get the same information with pkg-config and insert this value in your program in the relevant way.

pkg-config --variable=brushesdir mypaint-brushes-2.0