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Architecture review #229

merged 51 commits into from Dec 25, 2017


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user2684 commented Oct 14, 2017

This PR is intended to review NodeManager's architecture and put some order between sensors and children, optimize the code so to use the memory in a more efficient manner and improve the overall user experience.

Architecture review (fixes #198):

  • Introduced a List helper class to facilitate dynamically storing sensors and children. The class provides an iterator and a way to access individual items;
  • Added a Child class (and a subclass for each data type) to store child-specific parameters (child_id, presentation, type, description, value_type, value and last_value). All the other variables will be common for all the children and stay within the Sensor class;
  • Added a list of Child to the Sensor class. The sensor is responsible for creating those Child and adding them to the list;
  • Added a list of Sensors to the NodeManager class, replacing the _sensors array;
  • Removed the need for the user to register a sensor. When creating a new sensor, it registers itself against NodeManager;
  • Changed Sensor constructor to only accept the instance of the NodeManager class and an optional pin
  • Removed registerSensor() and moved its logic within each sensor's class
  • Removed NodeManager's get(); the user can directly retrieve sensors and children by accessing the lists
  • Removed BATTERY_MANAGER and BATTERY_SENSOR. Added SensorBattery which can be added as any other sensor
  • Removed SIGNAL_SENSOR. Added SensorSignal which can be added as any other sensor
  • Deprecated SERVICE_MESSAGE
  • Deprecated setFloatPrecision() and setDoublePrecision(), now default to 2 and 4
  • Deprecated PERSIST, now controlled by setSaveSleepSettings()
  • Deprecated SENSOR_* defines. Now the user can create a Sensor instance by itself in the main sketch. MODULE_* defines will stay since otherwise the sketch will not compile due to missing libraries
  • Deprecated POWER_MANAGER. The user has to create a PowerManager object and then passing it to setPowerManager() available by both NodeManager and Sensor
  • Deprecated REMOTE_CONFIGURATION. Added SensorConfiguration which can be added as any other sensor.
  • Changed the remote API, now V_CUSTOM messages have to be sent to CONFIGURATION_CHILD_ID (default 200) and hence to SensorConfiguration. New format is: "child_id,function,value"
  • Re-organized the files in the sketch folder: config.h has been migrated into the main sketch so to have in a single place all the configuration directives. NodeManager.h and NodeManager.cpp renamed into NodeManagerLibrary.h and NodeManagerLibrary.cpp
  • Modules definitions are now simple defines which can be commented out
  • DEBUG define renamed NODEMANAGER_DEBUG

Code optimizations:

  • For sensors with multiple child, a single instance of Sensor is created and multiple Child are associated with it instead of having multiple instances of (the bigger) Sensor class
  • The usage of Child subclasses avoid allocating variables for each data type which are eventually never used (if _value_int was used, _value_float, value_double and _value_string were allocated anyway so consuming memory)
  • Fixed a bug which caused onProcess() functions to be compiled even if REMOTE_CONFIGURATION was off, so saving additional space
  • A List class which can be dynamically allocated replaces a static array of sensors (consuming memory when not full)
  • Analog input is split into multiple modules so to avoid consuming too much memory when the sensor is not needed
  • Optimized the usage of MyMessage, now a single global instance is used by any sensor
  • Remote configuration is off by default
  • NodeManager's code without any sensor is 2k bigger but each sensor is between 2k and 3k smaller
  • Many minor optimizations

User Experience enhancements:

  • Registering a sensor is no more needed, when declaring a sensor, this is automatically registered
  • Split between creating a sensor and configuring it (still in before())
  • Removed SENSOR_* aliases, when a module is enabled Sensor and its subclasses can be used directly
  • Merged config.h into the main sketch so to centralize the configuration in a single place
  • Removed most of NodeManager's configuration directives, not either embedded into the code or moved into dedicated sensors (e.g. remote configuration, battery, signal, etc.)
  • Simplified the configuration of each sensor, now without the need of getting the sensor back through a nasty casting. The sensor's functions can be called directly within before()
  • Simplified the code so making it simpler for a user to add a custom sensor

Bug fixes:

  • SensorMQ remote configuration does not work #237
  • Unable to compile vanilla NodeManager #238
  • Even with REMOTE_CONFIGURATION off, onProcess() of a sensor is compiled and consume space #236
  • Wrong values : Issue with analogInput sensor when range max is set and reverse is set too #235
  • SensorThermistor doesn't work with negative values #234
  • ds18b20 and negative temperature values #219
  • Crash on startup with latest 2.2.0-beta #223
  • Revise the PERSIST option #222
  • Optimize memory utilization #210
  • Provide a simpler way to retrieve a sensor reference #181
  • provide example sensors patterns in the main sketch #112
  • Add SensorPlantowerPMS particulate matter sensors #239


NodeManager node;
SensorSHT21 sht(node);
SensorBattery battery(node);

Setting parameters to a sensor:


Direct access a child:

// for the first child (temperature) of the SHT21 sensor, set child_id to 5
sht.children.get(1)->child_id = 5;

Setting up a power manager for all the sensors:

NodeManager node;
PowerManager power(5,6);
void before() {

@user2684 user2684 referenced this pull request Nov 5, 2017


Fix compiler warnings #231

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