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Responsive HTML email templates by MySigMail Card
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HTML Email Templates by MySigMail Card

Website - | Twitter - @mysigmail

About MySigMail Card

MySigMail Card is a free drag & drop builder helps users create email templates intuitively and very quickly. No need to register or create an account.


  • 50+ pre-designed components in categories: Menu, Header, Content, Feature, Call to action, E-Commerce, Footer
  • Content editing in components
  • Uploading external images
  • Live preview
  • Project management
  • Support email clients: the templates have been tested to render across major email clients, with support on popular web, desktop and mobile platform

Support Email Clients:

  • iOS Mail App
  • macOS Mail App
  • Android Mail Apps (Gmail / Outlook)
  • Browser Mail Apps
  • Outlook 2007-2019
  • Office 365
  • AOL

Feel free to use HTML templates as you want. If you liked HTML templates or builder please share it with your friends or mention us on your socials.

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