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SayIt - a component for recording and storing public statements.
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Fix testing, and Travis.

Fix test broken by 827b5a4 (which reverted <1.7 behaviour).
Use Python 3.4 (Django 1.9 drops 3.2/3.3 support).
Run Django 1.4 tests directly on Travis (not via tox).
Fix Selenium tests (pass DISPLAY through).
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.tx Rename spoke to example_project.
conf Fix hook so that it error exits if flake8 fails.
example_project Redirect to front page on login, rather than 404.
speeches Fix testing, and Travis.
.gitignore Add tox for easier testing.
.travis.yml Fix testing, and Travis.
CHANGES.txt Version 1.3.2.
LICENSE.txt Add copy of Affero GPL.
README.rst Remove erroneous closing bracket Rename spoke to example_project.
setup.cfg Add flake8 running to pre-commit hook. Version 1.3.2.
tox.ini Fix testing, and Travis.



SayIt is an open source Django application or project to store transcripts and present them in a modern, searchable format.

One example of SayIt in action is mySociety's website which contains a variety of transcripts, including:

Another is OpenHouse Nova Scotia, providing an unofficial record of the proceedings of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.

SayIt is a Poplus component by mySociety.

Get involved

If you have transcripts you'd like to be included on our website, or have the technical skills to create such transcripts, please see

For more information on how to use SayIt in your own Django project or as a standalone site, please see our documentation:


In a virtualenv, to run the tests:

pip install -e .[test]
./ test speeches
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