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@@ -209,10 +209,11 @@ function with the <em>callback</em> variable, and then that function will be
under the <a href="">Creative
Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license version 2.5</a>.
-<p>Low volume, non-commercial use of the API service itself is free. Please
-<a href="/contact">contact us</a> for commercial use, or if you are about
-to use the service on a large scale. Please credit TheyWorkForYou if you
-use the API.
+<p>Low volume, charitable use of the API service itself is free.
+Please <a href="/contact">contact&nbsp;us</a> for all other use. Please credit
+us by linking to <a href="">TheyWorkForYou</a> with
+wording such as "Data service provided by TheyWorkForYou" on the page where the
+data is used. This attribution is optional if you've paid for use of the service.

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