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Oh my Glorious Arch

Arch is the best!

I need a good Live CD, but I still cannot find a perfect one for me.

  • SystemRescueCd is awesome, but it's Gentoo-based and not so easy to extend it.
  • Debian-based distributions are easy to make, but I don't like the style of deb/rpm packages.
  • Arch is glorious, but its Live CD is a bit simple.

So now I'll make another Arch Live CD of my own. I'll make a new airootfs.sfs from any other GNU/Linux distribution, and package it in an iso file. My liveusb-builder also supports it.

The name glorious comes from r/linuxmasterrace.



  • systemd (for systemd-nspawn)
  • squashfs-tools
  • xorriso

To prevent you from screwing up your machine, you'd better use this script in a VM.

You need root to run the install script, because chroot is needed. The command is very simple:

sudo ./install.sh <archiso> [--mirror=<mirror>] [--desktop=<desktop>] [--comp=<gzip|xz>]

To add more packages, you can put your Arch packages to aur-packages/.

The format of <mirror> is the string after Server = in /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist.

<desktop> can be mate, xfce, dde, lxde-gtk3 and lxqt.

Default mirror and desktop is TUNA mirror and MATE desktop.


sudo ./install.sh archlinux-2017.05.01-x86_64.iso --mirror 'http://mirrors.ustc.edu.cn/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch' --desktop=lxqt


I now have these tools in my Live CD:

  • flashrom: to flash coreboot to my machine
  • coreboot-utils: cbmem, inteltool, intelmetool, ectool, etc.
  • acpid and iasl: for handling ACPI things
  • htop: the glorious task manager
  • debootstrap: to install a Debian-based system easily
  • picocom: to access the serial console
  • WireGuard VPN

For the Live CDs with a desktop environment, I have:

  • a good desktop environment: MATE, Xfce, LXDE-GTK3, LXQt or DDE
  • QEMU: to install other OS with an ISO image, including Windows (using my disk as virtual disk). This is the most glorious feature of this Live CD.
  • gparted: the glorious partition manager
  • Firefox to access the Internet
  • Riot web
  • Pidgin with OTR plugin


I built a gloriousarch Xfce4 iso and uploaded it to sourceforge. It's signed by a PGP key whose primary key fingerprint is 7079B481F04B5D8B65A0ECDEEA2DB82FE04A9403.