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The main purpose of this wiki is a place to keep the to do list.

Basic project information (copied from the README):

Barley - A seed for learning Haskell

Barley is an environment for tinkering with Haskell. It is a web server with an embedded simple programming environment rendered as web pages. The environment allows you to easily edit Haskell code and quickly see the result of running it.

Barley includes a tutorial aimed at people with some programming and web experience, but it assumes no exposure to Haskell or functional programming. The tutorial takes the developer from generating a simple web page through a modest web application with database backend storage. Along the way it exposes the programmer to the basic idioms needed to do simple programming tasks.

Barley is based on the Snap framework for creating web programming in Haskell. Barley adds a simple web application skeleton to support both the live development environment and the tutorial projects. After going through the tutorial, developers can use Barley to create and explore their own simple web projects. Beyond that, they can smoothly transition to using the whole Snap framework and the wealth of available Haskell libraries.


This is in the very early concept stage. We aren't even at a 0.1 release! Read this code at your own risk!


Barley was conceived during a flurry of Nepalese food by Johan Tibell and Mark Lentczner. We got immediate encouragement from others 'round the table and spent the rest of the night plotting, and in Johan's case coding. The next morning we found ourselves in a coffee house with other Haskellers cheering us on as we knocked off the first coding tasks.


If you can't hold back and download this code, you can run it like so:

cabal configure
cabal build
dist/build/barley/barley start playground


  • start = initialize a new project if needed, then run barley on it.
  • playground is just the name of a project directory, barley will create it if needed.
  • If you don't cabal install barley, then it won't have access to its data directory unless you start it from the root of the dev. tree.