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LFI Exploitation tool

liffy in action

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A little python tool to perform Local file inclusion.

Liffy v2.0 is the improved version of liffy which was originally created by rotlogix/liffy. The latter is no longer available and the former hasn't seen any development for a long time.

Main feature

  • data:// for code execution
  • expect:// for code execution
  • input:// for code execution
  • filter:// for arbitrary file reads
  • /proc/self/environ for code execution in CGI mode
  • Apache access.log poisoning
  • Linux auth.log SSH poisoning
  • Direct payload delivery with no stager
  • Support for absolute and relative path traversal
  • Support for cookies for authentication



  • Suggest a feature

    • Like any other technique to exploit LFI
  • Report a bug

  • Fix something and open a pull request

In any case feel free to open an issue


All the exploitation techniques are taken from liffy

Logo for this project is taken from renderforest


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