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Scheme compiler for ActionScript3 Bytecode/Flash

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Happy ABC: a Scheme compiler for Flash 9/10


Happy ABC is a scheme compiler for Flash 9/10. Main features is following:

  1. Faster than official compiler(mxmlc), because written by OCaml.
  2. NO ActionScript!


  • ocaml 3.11 or latter
  • omake
  • findlib
  • extlib
  • xml-light
  • oUnit(for unit test)
  • hevea


If you type:

$ omake config
$ omake all
$ (omake check)
$ (sudo) omake install

then install to a default directory(/usr/local/).

Or,install to another directory:

$ omake config PREFIX=/path/to/
$ omake all
$ (omake check)
$ (sudo) omake install


Not yet. See example/.

LICENCE is written by Jacques Garrigue. and modified by OGASAWARA Satoshi., license is BSD. is written by Alain Frisch., licence is Public Domain.

Other codes is written by MIZUNO Hiroki., licence is MIT Licence.


MIZUNO "mzp" Hiroki (


The complete HappyABC distribution can be accessed at this[].

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