Mac tool to easily install system plugins : Color Pickers, QuicklLook generators, Mail plugins, Xcode snippets and themes.
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Easily install Mac OS X plugins.

A long time ago, in System 7, one could double-click a system extension or a plugin, and the Finder would simply copy it to the correct location in the System Folder.

This tool makes this feature available again.

How does it work ?

Just download it and forget about it. It will launch when you double-click on a supported plugin.

Which types of plugins can it install ?

  • Color Pickers (.colorPicker) → ~/Library/ColorPickers/
  • QuickLook Generators (.qlgenerator) → ~/Library/QuickLook/
  • Xcode Snippets (.codesnippet) → ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/CodeSnippets/
  • Xcode Color Themes (.dvcolortheme) → ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/FontAndColorThemes/
  • Plugins (.mailbundle) → ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/

Why not XXX plugin type ?

Mac OS X (as of ML) correctly installs other plugins when double-clicked:

  • Preference Panels (handled by System Preferences)
  • Screen Savers (handled by System Preferences)
  • Automator Actions and Services (handled by Automator)
  • Fonts (handled by Font Book)
  • Widgets (handled by Widget Installer - it’s in
  • Safari extensions (handled by Safari)

Why not Internet plugins ?

It’s 2013.

Why not Quicktime plugins ?

See previous answer.

Why not XXX plugin type ?

I don’t know. If you think it should, ask me.

A few great plugins sources :