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"People I Know" is (or will be) a PRM (Personal Relationship Management)
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People I Know

"People I Know" is (or will be) a PRM. Screenshot

What is a PRM?

A PRM is a "Personal Relationship Management". On the web, you will also find the name "Personal CRM". So you can use "People I Know" to store information about the people you know. ;-)

Is it like my "Contacts" app on my phone?

Yes, somehow it is.

So, why would I use it?

There were a few reasons for me to build this application. For "normal" contact management, the standard android or iOS app would be fine. But there was something missing for me.

  1. If you use the before mentioned services, you don't own your data. It is stored somewhere in Apples or Googles Cloud services.
  2. The standard apps / services do not provide good possibilities to store some kind of timeline / updates for the contacts. You still have the "Notes" field, but it is limited to a multi-line text.
  3. At least in Google Contacts you can store "Relationships" of a contact to other people. But that feature is also limited to a key-value-pair. No real links to other contacts etc.

So the main goal of this application is to do standard contact management plus

  1. You own your data. It is stored in your database.
  2. You can store "Status Updates" on your contacts. Such an entry consits of a date and a multi-line text. Of course the updates are sorted by date automatically.
  3. You can store relationships to other people (just like in Google). But in the near future I will implement the possibility to link to other contacts.


Right now the features are pretty limited. But the app is under (more or less) active development. So current features are

  • Adding Contacts
  • Deleting Contacts
  • Changing / Saving Contacts
  • Adding, changing and deleting status updates on contacts
  • Adding, changing and deleting eMail addresses, telephone numbers, relationships on contacts
  • Searching contacts by name

Contacts data

First things first. Of course you can store the standard contact data like

  • Names
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
  • eMail addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Employer
  • Business Title
  • Birthday
  • Relationships
  • Status Updates

Import your Google Contacts

The solution contains an importer project, with which you can import your Google contacts into "People I Know".

Simply export all your contacts in the "Google CSV format" and use it as the input file in the importer. The importer will also save your contact photos.


In the past, one of my main problems always was remembering the relationships between various people. "What was the name of Johns son again?", "Is Mark a cousin of Lisa or a cousin of Noah?".

Today, I just check the respective contact and see the relationships to other people in seconds. Just like in your Google contacts, you can store relationships on all of your contacts. It's just a simple list of "Relationship-Name pairs", like "Wife - Jane Smith".

Status Updates / Timeline

"People I Know" makes it easy for you, to keep track of recent things in the life of your friends/contacts. Just add updates to the "timeline" of your contacts. Before you meet your friends again, just check their contact in "People I Know" and you can ask about the exam they had a week ago or about the broken leg of their brother.

Something is missing?

Are you missing some kind of feature? You are welcome to create an issue here in the GitHub repo. Let's discuss it and see if it would benefit other people as well.

Or even better: After creating the issue, fork the repo, implement the feature and send me a pull-request. :-)

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