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Build & run locally

docker compose up -d
npm install && npm run build && PGHOST=localhost PGDATABASE=totoz_test PGUSER=totoz PGPASSWORD=example npm start

Create the totoz database

  1. create the database :
    • createdb totoz
    • psql < db.sql
  2. Get a totoz metadata json file (migration/*.json)
  3. Convert it to csv: jq -r '.totozes[]|[.name,.username,.created,.changed,.nsfw]|@csv' totoz.json
  4. Import it: \copy totoz(name,user_name,created,changed,nsfw) from 'ttz.csv' with (format 'csv');
  5. Do the same for tags:
    • jq -r '.totozes[]|.name as $n|.tags[]|[$n,.]|@csv' totoz.json
    • \copy tags(totoz_name,name) from 'tags.csv' with (format 'csv');
  6. Do the same for images :
    • Get missing images: IFS='\n' cat missing-2018-07-06|while read i;do curl -s `echo "$i.gif"|sed 's/ /%20/g'` > "missing-2018-07-06-f/$i.gif" ;done
    • check with file they're good
    • IFS='\n' find . -name "*.gif"|while read i;do (basename -s .gif -- "$i";echo ',\x'; xxd -p -- "$i")|tr -d '\n';echo ''; done
    • create temporary table im(name varchar(512),image bytea); \copy im(name,image) from 'totoz/im.csv' with (format 'csv'); update totoz set image = im.image from im where lower( = lower(;
  7. Do the same for the users:
    • insert into users(name,password,email,created,accessed) select name,pass,mail,to_timestamp(created),to_timestamp(access) from users_import;

Update the hfr totozes:

node build/hfr-importer.js

Official server


  • /home/totoz/app/ : application
  • see official_server/totoz.service


  • reverse proxy for the app
  • see official_server/



  • obvious settings
  • redirect from http to https

Misc. Commands

  • ssh 'cd ~totoz/app && git pull && yarn && yarn build && sudo systemctl restart totoz'