Mirage is a Cacti plugin designed to mirror SNMP polling data to file.
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Mirage is a Cacti plugin designed to mirror SNMP polling data to file, prior to writting RRD files.

Default destination for log files is CACTI_HOME/log/mirage.log

##Current Release

  • Feb 9th, 2017: Version 1.3.0

##Release Notes

  • 1.3.0: Provide compatibility support for Cacti 1.0
  • 1.2.0: Release of Cacti Mirage Plugin


  • To enable Cacti Users to export their polling data into other systems prior to writing RRD files.


  • Mirror poller collection to logfile
  • Custom output log path
  • Output poller data in KV pairs (key-value pairs)
  • Enable logfile rotation
  • Enable Mirage Debug logs (writes to cacti.log)


  • Cacti version 0.8.8+ [It may work on previous versions, but we haven't tested against them.]
  • PIA version 3.1


  • Untar plugin file into CACTI_HOME/plugins/
  • Ensure permission are correct (CACTI_HOME/plugins/mirage)
  • Install Mirage through Cacti Plugin Management
  • Review and save Mirage settings
  • Enable Mirage pluging through Cacti Plugin Management


  • Once Mirage plugin is enabled, you can retrieve the polling logs in the configured Mirage Output Path/Filename.
  • ie: CACTI_HOME/log/

##Additional Help?

  • Feel free to submit any question on the Git.

##Possible Bugs?

  • Feel free to submit any bug related issue on the Git.


Copyright 2016 Matthew Modestino, Philippe Tang, Menno Vanderlist