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jQuery password strength plugin
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jQuery Password Strength

This plugin will check the value of a password field and evaluate the strength of the typed password. This is done by checking for the diversity of character types: numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters and special characters.

To use, call the function on a password field:


The options argument is optional. Available values to set:

  • container: Element to display the strength text in. If none given, a span would be created immediately after the password field.

  • bar: External element to set a strength class to (optional).

  • minLength: Minimum password length.

  • texts: An array of strength texts for the 5 different levels, to override the default texts.

  • onCheck: A callback that gets called after a strength check. Gets the new strength value as a parameter.

jQuery plugin page:


The software is provided AS IS under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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