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Simulation of Messages over the Bitcoin p2p network
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This project is a simple simulation of how messages will propagate in the Bitcoin p2p network.
It was written to check that our assumption that 80 connections listening for addr messages
used in the web site was enough.

Below is my analysis of how addr messages are propagated.
This should really be on the wiki.

net.ccp 443
AddAddress(CAddress, int64)
If external address
If new add to mapAddresses and CAddrDB with time penalty
(always 2 hour) reduction in time last seen.
If in map already then if addr is less than 22hrs old
 If stored is more that 3 hr older than message then update stored.
 If stored is more that 26hr older update stored time.

When receive version (main.cpp:1793)
	if outbound send our address as addr message and send getaddr message.


when receive addr message (main.cpp:1889)
	AddAddress with 2hr penalty.
	If addr less than 10 mins old and not from getaddr
		Forward the address to 2 random peers. (If receive same address in same 24 hour
		period will send to same address. After that period will send to different 2).

When receive getaddr message (main.cpp:2174)
	clear list of known address for that peer
	add up to 2500 address selected at random that are less than 3 hours old and send back.
	Note: this is in effect 1 hour old if from another peer adr message because of 2hr penalty.
	Note: if more than 1000 will be split into multiple messages.

in Send Messages (main.cpp:2400) This is called every 100ms or so.
Every 24 hours:
	delete from all nodes all known addresses.
	Send an Addr message with our address in it.

Every 10 mins if more than 3 nodes:
	Delete any addresses from addrdb that are over 2 weeks old if addrdb
	has more than 1000 entries. (This stops if it takes more that 20 secs).

To one randomly selected node: (main.cpp:2470)
	Send an addr message with all the messages that are queued up in it.	

In IRC irc.cpp
	When new person joins channel call AddAddress with 51min penalty.
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