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LED utility for Banana Pi (M1)
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A utility to control the network (PHY-related) LEDs on Banana Pi (original model, "BPi-M1"). This version has been updated to incorporate changes that user egamorena submitted on LeMaker's forum.



compile with: gcc -o bpi_ledset bpi_ledset.c

Alternatively, a simple Makefile is provided; so you may also just use


instead. The Makefile also supports cross-compilation, given that you specify a proper toolchain prefix, e.g.

make CROSS_COMPILE=armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi-


Copy the resulting bpi_ledset binary to a location of your choice, preferably a directory included in your $PATH.

(When on the target system, you may use something like e.g. install bpi_ledset /usr/local/sbin)


Note: Due to permissions required, you will usually have to run bpi_ledset as root.

Usage: bpi_ledset <if> [qv] [blmha] [ylmha] [glmha]
   q    Quiet (no informational messages)
   v    Verbose (extra informational messages)

   b    Blue led configuration
   y    Yellow led configuration
   g    Green led configuration

   l    Switch on when linked at 10Mbps
   m    Switch on when linked at 100Mbps
   h    Switch on when linked at 1000Mbps
   a    Blink with activity (Tx/Rx)

Example1: show phy leds status
   bpi_ledset eth0

Example2: disable all phy leds
   bpi_ledset eth0 b y g

Example3: disable blue led, yellow led for 1000Mbps, green led for link and activity
   bpi_ledset eth0 b yh glmha

Example4: disable blue led
   bpi_ledset eth0 b
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