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Website for the Naev project.
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Naev Project Website

The website has been redesigned to be all static html generated by nanoc. The website consists of many difference source files that can be compiled to a combination of binary elements, html files, css files, and javascript code. This approach allows to use most of the complexity of dynamic websites, while still keeping the website itself static, bypassing all security issues.


Dependencies are in Gemfile and can be installed using bundler with:

bundle install


A Makefile is provided to do most simple tasks.

To compile the website you can use the following command:


This will generate the output directory output/ containing all the website data.

Viewing the Website

You can view the website directly by looking at the output directory output/ with most browsers. However, it is generally easier to start a local web server with the following command:

make view

This command will launch a web server on localhost:3000 allowing for quick and easy testing of the website.

Writing a blarg post

To write a blarg post it is as simple as creating a file in content/blarg/. Please note that the filename should be where YYYY is the year of the post, MM is the month of the post, and DD is the day of the post.

The writing is down using markdown and is fairly straight forward to do.

Using images

If you wish to use images you have to separately put them in content/imgs/blarg/ and you can reference them in the post with the inline ruby code <%= @items['/imgs/blarg/FILENAME'].path %> where FILENAME is replaced by the name of the file. This expression will be converted to the file path when compiling.

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