A personal bookkeeping web application, built with Laravel 5.
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Dompet is a personal bookkeeping web application, built with Laravel 5.


Easy bookkeeping for personal income and spending (amount of money).


To aquire our objective, we need this features on the application:

  • User can register.
  • User can see transaction history by date.
  • User add transactions for income and spending.
  • User can categorize the transaction.
  • User can see transaction summary on each month or a year.
  • - sign on numbers indicates spending/outcome transaction.

Those are basic concept of the personal bookkeeping service.

Getting Started

This application can be installed on local server and online server with these specifications :

Server Requirements

  1. PHP 7.0 (and meet Laravel 5.5 server requirements),
  2. MySQL or MariaDB database,
  3. SQlite (for automated testing).

Installation Steps

  1. Clone the repo : git clone https://github.com/nafiesl/dompet.git
  2. $ cd dompet
  3. $ composer install
  4. $ cp .env.example .env
  5. $ php artisan key:generate
  6. Create new MySQL database for this application
  7. Set database credentials on .env file
  8. $ php artisan migrate
  9. $ php artisan serve
  10. Register new account.


If you are considering to contribute to this repo. It is really nice.

  1. Submit Issue if you found any errors or bugs or if you want to propose new feature.
  2. Pull Request for bugfix, typo on labels, or new feature.
  3. Pull Request for en lang files for English. Currently we only have id lang for Indonesian.


Transaction List on a Month

Dompet Monthly Transaction List

Transaction List on Selected Date

Dompet Daily Transaction List


Dompet project is a free and open-sourced software under MIT License.