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@naggie naggie released this
· 4 commits to master since this release
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Mostly a bugfix release.

  • Fixes task deletion confirmation count
  • Restores original task next ordering, priority first + oldest first
  • Fixes show-projects command, correct count shown now. Thanks to @cgardner
  • Some refactoring for how errors are handled thanks to @botto. This makes it easier to use dstask as a library, @botto is working on a web interface.
  • JSON output for show-projects (when not a TTY, like other commands) thanks to @cgardner
  • Inline template note support thanks to @cgardner

Also more linting/tests thanks to @Dieterbe and above.

dstask was featured in Linux Magazine

Please spread the word of dstask if you can! Tweets, reddit/HN posts and especially blog articles are very much appreciated.