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A fantasy themed font and CSS toolkit.
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RPG Awesome

A fantasy themed font and CSS toolkit.

RPG Awesome is a suite of 495 pictographic, rpg and fantasy themes icons for easy scalable vector graphics on websites, created and maintained by Daniela Howe and Ivan Montiel.

Super shoutout to Game Icons for providing a library of SVG icons that we used to create this project 🎉.



bower install rpg-awesome


npm add --save rpg-awesome

Then in your code, you can use rpg-awesome by pathing to it:


If you are using Sass, you can import it directly:

@import "node_modules/rpg-awesome/scss/rpg-awesome";


meteor add rpg-awesome


This project uses NPM and Grunt to compile SCSS into CSS usable by browsers. The project also requires for you to have Ruby installed:

npm install
gem update --system && gem install scss-lint

Generating and Adding New Icons

We have split up the generation process of the /fonts directory to this repo.

Any new icons will need to be added to that repo first. Then follow the steps located in that repo's documentation for generating new .eot, .svg, .ttf, and .woff files.

Note that when adding new icons to the font files, you will need to update the scss/_variables.scss file with all of the new offsets.

The gh-pages branch of this repo should also be updated to add the new icon to the web docs.


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