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@cawka cawka tagged this Aug 8, 2018 · 11 commits to master since this tag

- The submodules of NFD and ndn-cxx have been upgraded to version 0.6.2

  NFD 0.6.2 release notes

  ndn-cxx 0.6.2 release notes


    In order to retrieve the marked versions of ndn-cxx and NFD, use
    --recursive option to the git clone command or run
    git submodule update --init after clone, pull, or merge.

- This will be the last release that supports "old" API for content
  store implementations. Going forward, only NFD-based implementations
  will be supported.

Improvements and bug fixes

- Add queue length congestion detection and signaling (Issue #4578)

- Implement BIC and CUBIC congestion control in ConsumerPcon (Issue #4672)

- Fix compilation failure on some systems with Python 3

- Fix outdated and remove deprecated APIs in the examples

- Updates of the ndnSIM documentation.
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