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This is a video toolkit it publishes and plays live video in a segmented stream
that also seeks from buffer in CCNx repo.

more detailed readme to come; meanwhile this should help the early adopters.

ignore /sandbox, this readme applies to just /videostreaming folder


	see 'BUILD'


playing remote stream:

make sure ccnd is running, and has a route to a testbed node.

./ /ndn/

if that doesn't work, see 'troubleshooting', below. 

publishing local video:

make sure CCNR_DIRECTORY is set and sourced (we recommend to define it in ~/.profile)
make sure ccnd & ccnr (your local repo) are running, and are routed (for others to access)

note:  you may need to manually create CCNR_DIRECTORY/import/ directory

if you don't have a working video URI, there are a few options:

1) python [desired URI]

then you have a URI you can play via above. It auto-selects first video device.

another option is 
2) the more featured 'publish' script:

python ./ [URI] m

as of writing, this uses /dev/video0.

yet another option is to use a file instead of a capture device:
3) ./ filesrc location=[filename.mp4] ! typefind ! qtdemux name=mux \
mux.video_00 ! queue ! VideoSink location=/repo/test/mainvideo/video \
mux.audio_00 ! queue ! AudioSink location=/repo/test/mainvideo/audio


make sure gstreamer works independently of ndnvideo.

for instance, sudo apt-get install gstreamer-tools

ie - try

gst-launch -v -m autovideosrc ! xvimagesink

if this doesn't work, try 
if you don't have any adapters… you can likely use ximagesink.

however you may need to videoscale to specific supported size listed by: 

gst-inspect ximagesink

note we expect xvimagesink - but if you're in a VM or otherwise have no acceleration, change line 16 in from merely xvimagesink to:

video_sink = "ffmpegcolorspace ! videoscale ! ximagesink window-width=704 window-height=480"

can also try:

./ VideoSrc location=/ndn/ ! \
   ffdec_h264 ! aasink

(this will render video using ascii :)


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