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React Native Bridge for the Nami SDK

Nami is easy subscriptions & in-app purchases, with powerful built-in paywalls and A/B testing.

This library helps you easily offer in-app purchases and subscriptions using Apple App Store StoreKit & Google Play Billing APIs.

  • No IAP code to write.
  • Focus on your app experience.
  • All edge cases are handled and no server is required.
  • Includes is powerful built-in paywalls templates, built with native SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose
  • Update paywalls easily using a browser-based paywall CMS.
  • Conduct paywall A/B tests, to improve your conversion rate.
  • Robust subscription analytics, webhooks, and much more.

Requires an account with Nami. The free tier is generous and includes everything you need to get up and running.

See for more details and to create a free account.

Getting started with React Native and Nami

Build the Bridge Locally

yarn pack

This will generate a file react-native-nami-sdk-vx.x.x.tgz with the current version number of the bridge. You can add this to a project by

yarn add file:react-native-nami-sdk-vx.x.x.tgz

Installing from NPM

The bridge is also available as a package on NPM. You can install it via yarn or npm

npm install react-native-nami-sdk --save
yarn add react-native-nami-sdk

Example apps showing how to use the bridge are available in this repository in the examples directory, including instructions on how to build the apps.

More information on configuring and using the SDK is available in our docs at