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Python interface to IMDb plain-text data files
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This package implements a Python interface to IMDb plain text data files.

At this time, the API should not be considered stable.

Note that IMDb uses iso-8859-1 encoding (in data files and URLs); this package uses Unicode in most places.

python-imdb supports the following data files (to greater or lesser degree)

  • movies
  • aka-titles
  • ratings
  • plot
  • genres
  • running-times
  • color-info
  • certificates
  • directors
  • writers
  • actors
  • actresses

Download these files into /some/directory and then run python imdb --rebuild-db /some/directory to convert the data files (necessary to support seeking within the data files) and build a search index. This will result in files and

For search, movies.list is required and aka-titles.list and ratings.list are strongly recommended. However, each file is optional, with associated data and/or features simply being unavailable.

The module includes examples of a simple program ( and a WSGI-based JSON API endpoint (

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