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Top-down space arcade with simulation of solar system and black hole
Java Groovy
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Game created for Libgdx Jam 2015.
This is top-down 2d arcade about spaceship which arrives to unknown solar system after warp-jump.
It uses: Libgdx java framework (game engine), box2d library (physics) , artemis-odb library (ESC engine).


Run game

Requires Java 8 JRE.
Language (en/ru) and Fullscreen/Windowed mode could be changed in file.

Download game:

[Game homepage] (

From sources:

Download/clone sources.
Run ClientApplication class in 'spashole-game' module.


It took ~150 hours to create it (however, some basic components, like custom 2d window, had been created before jam).
~6k lines of code

What intresting:
  • how to organize entities and components in ECS;
  • how to synchronize physics world (box2d) with view application (libgdx render);
  • how to work with libgdx stage/actors/ui;
  • how to organize text/quest dialogs;
  • how to organize localized resources;
  • how to use gradle multi-module project;
  • how to convert overlap2d scene into game entities;
  • how to create simple repl with custom commands;
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