Data and analysis for NA12878 genome on nanopore
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Oxford Nanopore Human Reference Datasets

Quick Links

Data availability

Notes on downloading files.

Files are generously hosted by Amazon Web Services. Although available as straight-forward HTTP links, download performance is improved by using the Amazon Web Services command-line interface. References should be amended to use the s3:// addressing scheme, i.e. replace with s3://nanopore-human-wgs to download. For example, to download rel3-nanopore-wgs-288418386-FAB39088 to the current working directory use the following command.

aws s3 cp s3://nanopore-human-wgs/rel3-nanopore-wgs-288418386-FAB39088.fastq.gz .

Amending the max_concurrent_requests etc. settings as per this guide will improve download performance further.


Please raise issues on this Github repository concerning this dataset.


* rel1: 1st December 2016. Initial release.
* rel2: 5th December 2016. 25 flowcells, 58958035887 bases, 9053909 reads
* rel3: 39 flowcells, 91240120433 bases, 14183584 reads
* rel4: added additional 14 flowcells, 23140190547 bases, 1415868 reads
* rel5 release: June 2018. All data basecalled with Guppy 0.3 (10kb chunk size)
* rel1 RNA: 30th November 2017. 30 flowcells (native RNA), 12 flowcells (1D cDNA)